Luxury ......... lux·u·ry - [luhk-shuh-ree, luhg-zhuh-]  

  The other day the topic of Luxury came up. What is luxury?  Can luxury be bought?  Can it really be defined?  Is it an object, an experience a memory or a feeling?   Is it a Hermes leather and cashmere blanket?   A bottle of MOËT ET CHANDON À EPERNAY FONDÉE EN 1743 CHAMPAGNE DOM PÉRIGNON BRUT MILLESIME – VINTAGE 1996? Mmm......A perfect cup of morning coffee sitting across from the one that you love? The definition of luxury is very personal.  It can have a price tag or it's value can not be measured. During certain periods of my life luxury was free time. Time to enjoy those that I loved. Or perhaps something as simple as a beautiful fall day at an empty beach, wrapped in a soft sweater with a good book.  Sound familiar? My conclusion? Luxury can not be simply defined, put in a box or, at times, have a price affixed to it. So I leave you to ponder the question - What is luxury to you? Me, I am off to spend some luxurious time laughing and talking with my friends. Au Revoir for now. à bientot ....... bicycle small Toni