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Marché Provençal | Zeni Design Studios


 A cornucopia of teas for “Tea Time”


Herbs, Herbs & More Herbs!!! – Sel d’Al gues –

salt done

 I think I will have to take some home with me today.

Market day!!!  It is more than just picking up a couple of things and then going home exhausted and a little annoyed at the process.  Market Day here is an experience.  There is food cooking, babies crying, lines, flirtations, food sampling, fresh foods & impromptu discussions on “how to cook it”, along with various vendors selling non-food related items.  The sounds, the action & the smells ahhhhh a lovely day at the market.

Need I mention the colors.  It is a painter’s pallet of the south of France.  The reds are deep and rich, the yellows are the color of the sun.   The wagons of vegetables, fruits, teas, soaps, herbs and tables of flowers – they all speak to me.

An overload to the senses. But I will be back again next week for another fix.Now home to create something delicious for lunch – but not before I stop for the wine & bread.

Au revoir  for now.

à bientot …….