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Laundry Day


rue du lavoir

Yes- even a princess, like moi, has to do Laundry. The truth be told, I actually do not mind doing it. I also must confess to ironing my sheets and towels. Why? A couple of years ago, I invested in a couple of sets of linen sheets and though I have to iron them, I will not use anything else. Just heavenly, after a nice shower on a hot day. So where is all of this going? Laundry – the task that some hate, others – my hand is raised, do not mind.


washing water fall #2

One day, after hanging my laundry out to be dried naturally by the sun, I decided to take a little walk into vieille Antibes to pick some things up at the market (Marché Provençal à Antibes). I kind of sorta took a side street that I thought led to where I wanted to go. It did not, I got a little turned around. Ce n’est pas grave. I happened upon an old laundry washing area. It “was still used in the last century by the washhouse women to do the laundry”. Even though there were muffled sounds of people, cars…life, it was very peaceful and somehow cocoon like. I sat in the calm of it all and thought about the women who came here daily to do laundry. Who were they, what did they talk about, what were their lives like. Ah hour passed just me, the trickling of the water and the calm.


waterfall 3

After what felt like hours – the errands of the day called out to be completed. So off to the market and back home to finish the laundry. At the end of the day, some things in life do not change. Sometimes the road chosen takes us on little adventures that add quality to our lives. An hour of sitting in stillness = quality of life. For me – yes.

Wishing you wonderful unexpected adventures.
Au Revoir for now.

à bientot …….





Paris – The Last Day


Ohhh my beloved Paris – I must leave you now. The fabric & books have been bought, the windows have been shopped and the galleries have been browsed. I have walked, visited with friends, people watched from les cafés, had great wine & eaten wonderful food. I must leave you now. You have been cold and wet and I long for the sea and warmth of home. I will return when the trees have bloomed and the gardens are awake. Bisous the city of my heart – je t’aime.

à bientot …….





Winter in Paris – Le Marais

Le Marais Snowy Day


Le Marais today – Still one of my favorite places in Paris.  Even in the snow it is beauti_ful and one of my favorite places to wander in/  The children are playing in the snow.  Adults are slip sliding on tyhe side walk – Please do not let le fall is written on thir faces and a very brave man riding hgis scooter in the slush with a huge smile on his face.  While he waits for the light to change on his face.  Our eyes connect and we both smmile.  “Bonne Chance – Bonne Courage” I say.  Pas de problem he says still smiling while driving away.  No fear – Just a huge smile.  He drives away and I continue on in the opposite direction no longer thinking about falling.

snowy marais


à bientot …….





Winter in Paris

The day started early – I opened the curtains to SNOW. I have not seen this much snow since my last winter in Boston four years ago. I can now appreciate the beauty of an early morning snow “Storm”. I say this knowing that I will soon be leaving to the warmth of the south & the sea.

Dressed and ready to head out to take in my favorite city I realize how quiet and beautiful the snow has made things. Eerily quiet & romantic. I walk to the corner cafe, with the exception of the dog walkers, few people are in the street. The Eiffel Tower is barely visible in the background. I am in heaven. The boots that I no longer own would be perfect right now. But Ahhhhh……….it is Paris!!!!!

à bientot …….

bicycle small




Sunday Lunch



Cette époque (loose definition – back in the day) Sunday dinner was the most important meal of the week.  My mom would wake up early and start preparing the meal so we could eat together at noon.  It has been a long time since I have had a family Sunday dinner so when a few of the tribe decided to go for Sunday lunch I jumped on it.

Nicky, my Belgium voisine (neighbor) and friend, and I took the little train over to the Carousel in Antibes to rendez-vous with the others. Off we went, 5 friends from different parts of the world to spend an afternoon of good food, good wine, good talk and lots of laughs to Bistro 44. Oh – I can not forget, we were accompanied by Soggy-our 4 legged mascot.


Well here we are at Bistro 44. Vincent, our server, came over and greeted us with a smile. Good start – Outside or in. During one of the worse heat waves – we opted for outside. Shaded street – a light breeze. Things are looking good.

Start –Casis Champagne – yum. Some started with Soupe de Poisson de Roche – Fish Soup, Then there was Petit Saucisson Chaud – Warm Little Sausage and let’s not forget the Terrine de Foie Gras de Canard Maison.  Main course – Andouillette tirée à la ficette sauce moutarde à l’ancienne, Quenelle de brochet sauce nantua.
It was all divine.   Nothing was left for Soggy.  I think he was a little put out.



Bistro 44


At the time of this writing……..

Prices :

15-30€/ Menu

Menu a 26€ et 30€

Entrées à partir de 10€

Plats entre 15€ et 25€

After, a much needed walk home.  We were done for the day – well not really – we stopped for some people watching and a glass of Rosé at Crystalle. Passing a Sunday afternoon with good friends, good food, wine and lots of laughs – priceless.

à bientot …….




A Day By the Sea

It is hot but we do not care. On a day when the temperatures are maxing out around 30°c and just the act of thinking makes you sweat – no worries here. The sun, good music, the sea (the Mediterranean), good food and wonderful people from around the world. Those of us who headed to the water are happy. Those of us who chose to spend the afternoon at Plage Moorea Nui  are even happier.


Plage Moorea Nui is a wonderfully peaceful beach.  The picture above does not do it justice.  It was a real relax day so the only camera I had with me was in the phone.  Sometimes an afternoon off  is just that – an afternoon off.  What the picture does not convey is  the calm that comes over you on entering, the shade, the lack of crowds, a mattress to snooze on, wine, food and a real bathroom.  Bathroom alone – priceless. This is just one of the best examples of a private beach in the French Riviera.

Back to my wonderful day……After being greeted by the hostess you are in heaven. Just enough shade, great decor, the sea – ahhhh!!!! the sea. Fred Djian, the owner, has managed to create an atmosphere where you can leave all your stress at the door or should I say on the side walk? After a glass of “punch” my worries seem to start to fade. Need I tell you how I spent the afternoon? Sun, vin Rosé and a wonderful salmon salade while drifting into nothingness. Did I mention that the music was great?  A very busy street is a few steps away but I feel like I am far from the crowds. I am completely at peace. Life is good in the south of France. If you are ever in the area …… stop by  Plage Moorea Nui  located at Boulevard du Littoral 06160 – Juan Le Pins Tel 04 93 61 73 55 to reserve your place – you will not be sorry. Thank you Fred for a wonderful afternoon….. Bisous.

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à bientot …….





The transition from the hot hot hot (yes it has been a 3 hot kind of August) to the crisp September evenings is just around the corner. Here, in the south of France, it does not mean an end to days at the beach but an end to the crowds. The traffic jams – well…..not a “real” traffic jam” – but a lot of honking horns and screaming drivers – will subside and the nights will start to grow silent. It also means that I will finally move the Vespa from its stationary position in front of my apartment back on the road.

Transitions are good. For me, it is always a sign of new beginnings. Here at Zeni Design Studios we are in the process of just that. We are transitioning. The new web site was stage one. Stay tuned for stage No. 2 and beyond. I am excited about the change and I think you will be too.

You want to know what it is? Ok here is Clue #1: It will make you or someone dear to feel good. Pictorial Clue.>.——->


Any ideas? Well, that is all I am going to say or show for now – next week another clue? Perhaps – you will have to see. I love surprises.
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Au Revoir for now.

à bientot …….





Planning & Dreaming

The season has started here in the south of France. The beaches are open – the sea is refreshing and everyone is out strolling, walking, talking, tanning and, bien sûr, smiling. Life is good. After my morning walk – I must return to studio and think fall/winter. Here is a peak into some of the fibers that are making me dream overtime.  Cashmere, camel hair, alpaca, silks oh my!!! What will I create?  Only time will tell (I say with a smile). Stay tuned.

Till the next time.

à bientôt